end game

another gallery dies in a regional town. another victory for apathetic citizens in satellite cities who are too lazy to care whether their town is a cultural backwater.

the little field office on 255 king

field gallery is closing after 6 years. in the heart of newcastle NSW, this is the second gallery to close in as many years, thanks to the directors being completely overworked and having minimal support, either financially or culturally, from their local residents, councils or media.

field is ace! i organised the recent exchange between project and field and it was a fantastic opportunity to share common experiences, to gain some insight, to travel somewhere different and expose our artwork to a new audience. the gallery was really well organised and in an awesome position. the directors were all fantastic girls and ran a tight ship, with studios out the back really supporting the local contemporary scene.

now, thanks to no money, and fuck all support, they’re closing.

their final challenge show, end game opens this week and i put a work in. don’t go to the opening because it will just be crushing if hundreds of people rock up at the end and they’re all left wondering where the hell you have all been for the last 6 months.

scene viscera, patient: gallery, field.

RIP. here’s hoping newcastle can recover from the loss of such a great space.

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