I am a writer and editor, based in London (via Melbourne/Sydney/Perth/Berlin).

I get paid to copyedit and proofread for academic and non-fiction texts, writers’ websites and I am the sub-editor for an arts publication.

I lead creative workshops for young and vulnerable people, and run practical workshops for creatives

I have an historical fiction novel,  a science fiction something, and a sitcom in varying stages of draft form.

While delving into an art career, I wrote the she sees red blog for about 8 years – starting as a way to write about my artwork, but mostly writing about art exhibitions, sound culture, and society.

I still have passion for art, public art and public life so am always open to art-based projects and products.

I am on the radio at East London Radio

I’m on twitter: @sheseesred

Try me:  lauren@sheeseesred.com