shopfront: garments for listening

Garments For Listening: Electrofringe 2011

as i sit in the second iteration of my installation that combines fashion with sound/listening, i realised that it’s now officially a ‘thing’ i do and now i need to find more efficient ways to do that ‘thing’ more often.

this install took a whole lot more out of me than the last one. it’s in the existing construct of a shop, which i thought would make it easier to install. not so, actually.

but, thanks to the brilliant peeps of electrofringe and the owners, sue and robert regan, i’ve been able to create a little shopfront install in newcastle.

it’s a small range of “stock” – objects that support, fetishise or distort the listening gesture/act, through some of the ways fashion is used: t-shirts, jewellery, handbags (for your headphones), all surrounded by loud music, design, text, fixtures, opening hours, signage, etc, etc.

i’m learning a lot more about retail language than i thought i would when i first started this idea (which was first done at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

I hope visitors to the shop get a picture of the ways in which fashion and sound intersect and perhaps change their thinking about the place of sound – especially listening – in pop culture.

** i also think it might be time to rename the ‘shop’. now that it’s a ‘thing’.

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