she’s just a girl

it’s amazing how quickly a year passes.

i guess the old peeps knew it to be so by the seasons. we realise it by the time since major events. celebrity deaths, say.

on the weekend it was a year since michael jackson died.

i want you back is my favourite song of all time, but to be honest, i wouldn’t have ever called myself a fan. i liked the rest of his songs well enough, but i was pretty shocked when he died. i saw how deeply it affected friends of mine – mostly men – who found in him an identity, a role model other than mucho macho.

i went to see this is it and i was reminded how much his dancing and his attention to musical craft inspired thousands of young men [who weren’t white and middle class] to embrace such a sensual and vulnerable vocation.

he was such a complex man. may he rest in peace, finally.

this one’s for jol and raphael. thanks to age.

thanks for subscribing to she sees red by lauren brown. xx

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