proxy required

Can someone in London please do me a favour and be a proxy me for a couple of hours by doing these three things in my absence? I’d do them myself, but for the slight problem of distance:

.1. go to Lisson Gallery and see the Santiago Sierra show there. He’s an amazing artist who does great politically-charged installation work (including in the Korean DMZ and in the UAE). He’ll also be doing a sound work on Bell St (right near Edgeware Rd tube station).

.2. buy and read this month’s Creative Review. It’s a cheap special with an article I’d love to read with Will Gompertz from Tate Galleries on life as a client (mmm..Fallon and Tate, with sexy results).

3. hang out at the Green Man pub on Berwick St, talking shit with Will, Seb and Nina until the owner guy loses it and chucks you out, after which you wander around the streets of Soho, large chai latte in hand, late into the night.


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