people in urban spaces

ok, so i’ve got a post brewing about the importance of public transport and a blurb about civil liberties, but i just had to post about these two cool things first:

little people in the streets of london

slinkachu is an installation artist/photographer who sets up teensy weensy dioramas on the streets of london. you can buy the documentation from cosh (a super-cool gallery in soho), or you can buy his upcoming book, out on the 5th september. if you’re in london (or near enough), you should head along to cosh on the 31st august for the installation hunt that he’s set up as the launch for the publication. you have to find 4 installations in london and you get a signed copy of the book. how much fun is that gonna be! not as much fun as the innocent fete or the london marathon, but pretty close, right?

people piles in the streets of vienna

then over at swiss miss (where i pinched the pics from), i stumbled upon a cool project by art director willi dorner and photographer lisa rastl have a couple of people projects on the streets of vienna: ‘hängende gärten’ and ‘bodies in urban spaces’. how cool do they look!
the works are looking to discuss and perhaps distort the “relationship between body, space and architecture” and definitely play with the role of human movement/stasis on a city and the urban environment. wish i did that.

oh, and it’s all over the bloggersphere at the moment, but the eureka tower car park signage treatment is supremo. check these out: out and up/down

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