my listening consolation collection

i have work to do, sure. but the last week has been a bit crummy, so i’ve dived back into listening to a lot of music and riding around on my bike. i feel like i’m the 13-year old girl i never actually was.

i while back someone wrote an article about not asking artists about art, ask them about music, given the amount they listen to whilst making work. considering how much of it i’ve been listening to lately, i’d say he was right. plus i’ve been getting into music blogs, reading music mag subscriptions on the ipad, tracking back hip hop crew connections from the late 90s on wikipedia, using again?!

it’s like i’m having a shit-hot threesome with nostalgia and half-arsed heartbreak.

and i miss seeing art that consoles me that much.

the tate had a thing a while back, rethinking its collections and inspiring audiences to make their own themed version of the collection. i remember The Heartbreak Tate Collection – a few images that would simultaneously stir and console a broken heart.  I’m pretty sure a Rothko was there.

if i was going choose a collection of works based on my recent listening collection, here’s what’d be:

an infinite livez performance

rothko’s black paintings

lerato shadie‘s video mmitlw

tracey emin’s whole venice biennale installation from 2007

tracey moffatt’s other

yoko ono’s the cut

marina abramovic – art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful

rubens – st george and the dragon

the original performance of hennessey youngman’s performance art lecture

soda_jerk’s astro black

bruce nauman’s art make up 1 – 4 (white, pink, green, black)

any of these louise bourgoise works

tim noble and sue webster’s black narcissus

almost anything by alice neel

tiepolo – allegory of planets and continents

bellini’s st therese sculpture

francis alÿs’  – the green line

francis bacon – seated figure

fischli and weiss – der lauf der dinge

see? all maudlin and pain and fuckery. but sometimes you gotta go there.

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