london calling

can i just preface this with the caveat: i’m having a good time, really i am. i’m making lots of new work, feel good (apart from brief illness) and have excellent choices for visa situation.

oh my god, london. what are you doing to me? there are 4 major exhibitions that i need to come and see in the next 4 weeks – i’m trying to be frugal, can’t you see?

christian marclay’s clock at white cube (mason’s yard). 

this is a fantastic a real-time clock (projection) made up of scenes from movies showing the time. pity to have missed the full version at the private view – i would love to have seen 3 – 4am in real time via marclay’s film snippets. but, given that it was impossible, a daytime viewing or 5 will have to do. imagine a sleepover at white cube to watch the whole thing – that would be awesome. either way the soda jerk girls and i are already plotting ways that we can get there without spending any money. hmm.

rachel whiteread’s drawings at tate britain.

i’m a massive fan of this woman’s work, have paid homage to it in my own and only ever seen a few bits and pieces. i’m stinging to see this major exhibition, which features her workings and beautiful drawings – the basis behind any good spatial practice, i reckon 🙂

ai weiwei’s sunflower seeds at the tate modern turbine hall. 

all those porcelain sunflower seeds… swoon. sadly, we can’t walk on them anymore, which means that the work isn’t really as awesome as it was before (sorry, but it’s true). but, i would still go and see it. yes, in a heartbeat.

james turrell bindu shards (perceptual cell) at the gagosian. 

light, experience, perception, time. joy. an immersive installation that you have to book in for. i’m in heaven. here’s a quote from the site (where that image is from too)

Through light, space can be formed without physical material like concrete or steel. We can actually stop the penetration of vision with where light is and where it isn’t. Like the atmosphere, we can’t see through it to the stars that are there during the day. But as soon as that light is dimmed around the self, then this penetration of vision goes out. So I’m very interested in this feeling, using the eyes to penetrate the space.
–James Turrell”

see? there’s 2 days in london right there. peeps – beware. i might just have to skip over the channel and back.

image credits: tate website, gagosian website and the economist websites. all deets, re artists rights are on those sites.

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