garbled notes about civil liberties, as inspired by mike parr

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to sew one’s lips together – or somebody else’s – in a physical matter, wth pain and struggle and nerves and blood and smell physical and sweat – physical rections – is a slow and nerve-wracking process.

one does not take this process of censorship and restraint lightly. we are all shocked and feel the pain. we suck in our breath and close our eyes. we can see it is torturous.

yet we stand by and watch as ones mental, psychological and communications rights are being similarly ‘stitched up’ [through the legal system or the media] with little feeling or reaction, we change the channel or a blind eye – we do not feel or hold our breath or feel ill or want to turn away but can’t. we are asleep and indifferent – it is possible or conceivable.

yet were these restriction transferred into physical acts day after day, time after time, there would be no turning of the page, no ignoring or asleepness – no indifference, ignorance. one would do all in ones power to stop the injustice of freedom’s rights.

pic by chris poole from his flickr spot

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