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ok peeps, i’ve been doing some drawing work to compliment my more conceptual (and mostly uncollectable) work , as mentioned in my previous post. and as a way to raise funds for my upcoming reconnaissance mission to london/europe, i’ve decided to put them up for sale. here. now.

so, if you’ve ever wanted to buy a small work to support an emerging contemporary artist, or if you’re a friend of mine and want to see me in london next week, please buy a work.

there’s a paypal button for each work, so you can just pay with paypal/credit and if you’re in melbourne, london, manchester, hamburg or paris, delivery is free and in person. if you live elsewhere, we’ll sort something out.

all works are approx 200 x 150mm (7.5″ x 6″), on acid-free watercolour paper, signed and are £25 each. that, my friends is a bargain.

[and for those without a conversion widget on their dashboard, converts to approx AUD$50, US$36, €27 and CNY250]

1. 25 x 25
ink, progresso on paper

25 x 25

2. the laneway
ink on paper


3 – 6. Felt Landscapes I – VI
dye and pigment on paper

Felt Landscape I

Felt Landscape II

Felt Landscape III

Felt Landscape IV

7. Patterning a corner [aka ‘That’s Me in the Corner’]
pencil and charcoal on paper

Thats Me In The Corner

8. Millenium Bridge
Ink on paper

Millenium Bridge

9. Pop
Pastel, charcoal and pencil on paper


10 – 12. Nine Funerary Urns (edition of 3)
Ink and gouache on paper

Nine Funerary Urns
1/3 – ON HOLD

2/3 and 3/3 still available

13 – 18. Black Felt Landscapes, I – VI
Gouache on paper.

Black Felt Landscape I

Black Felt Landscape II

Black Felt Landscape III

Black Felt Landscape IV

Black Felt Landscape V

Black Felt Landscape VI

19. Abracadaver Schematic
Ink on paper

Abracadaver Schematic

20. Swarm
Ink on paper


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