cold and icy. yes.

being back in melbourne for 10 days, it was nice to see stuff again.

like, I had to miss exhibitions* because there were clashes, too many things on at the same time. and of course quite a bit of that time was spent putting together, performing and invigilating my own show.

i feel like i haven’t written about other people’s shows for ages, so here are a couple of shows i saw, with a strangely icy theme:

this is before that
kiron robinson and sanja pahoki at sarah scout

it felt like the first time I have seen more than one artist per show at SS and i liked it. there was a polarity and/or synthesis that was art of the show that hasn’t been before.

the simple concept of kiron’s used hours/wasted hours prints were OK: coloured block prints with scratch marks – like days of labour are tantamount to prison term or gallery visitor numbers.  they’re short, sharp and to the point.

however, the sentiment of the work was really not my thing –  I prefer to subscribe to the pollyanna view that ‘time wasted is never wasted time’. perhaps i’m losing my cynical edge. perhaps i’m just feeling quite grateful for being able to spend all my time on my art practice at the moment.

I did really like sanja’s icy photographs of frosty scando landscapes and cold, empty stares of portraits, mounted on the wall around cool, white neon text ‘i have loved’ ‘i have been loved’

this tableau, or scene, actually, was in balance and still edgy without wanting to fall over itself. tick.

my personal tip of the iceberg would have been a sculptural ice-based work in the gallery – even just for opening night. i imagined a big block of ice melting, or even stalactites dripping down the windows. this may have been influenced by the condensation on the windows of the gallery that night, but I couldn’t shake it.

kim jaeger at seventh

I may be biased because i think almost everything kim does rocks, but this little work was properly BEAUTIFUL. yes, i said beautiful.

nothing like that image above, it was a diorama created in a blacked and blanked out project space with a large-ish peep-hole at a low eye-level, to create a dramatic and mystical landscape. the landscape was filled with large, white, iceberg-like spikes, appearing to rise up out of a still, dark water. this ‘grotto’ was perfectly and cool-ly lit, with the scale of it just right. it was like being on a boat, making my way through the floes of scandanavia, or the dark arctic.

it was so succinct and so clear – it actually took my breath away. for real.

sadly, the show finished on sunday, so you can’t go and see it anymore. but hopefully there will be images online somewhere that will come closer to doing it justice than this little blog.

*like christopher hanrahan’s show at tristian koenig, the vienna show and those egon schiele’s at the NGV and the shaun gladwell extravaganza at ACMI.

image credits: sanja pahoki and kiron robinson from the sarah scout site 
kim jaeger you geysir crazy from the seventh site

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