can anything be beautiful? preface

sometimes there are crazy opportunities you just want to take up. if you ride the life-train like i do, sometimes they come out of left field and all anyone else can do is shrug in amazement. i got my first real job that way. i was a temp at an ad agency, filling in while someone else got the job and i ran after the sales rep from our pre-press bureau, calling him a ‘duffer’ after he’d left something behind. 2 weeks’ later he gave me a job as the receptionist there, 9 months later i was an apprentice and finally after 4 years i finished my trade in Graphic Pre-Press. File under Opportunity Knocks.

then i packed it all in and went to art school! ha!

W+K london are currently calling for ‘talent’ for their WK Side project, encouraging those ‘outside adland’ to create online content for the chance to work with them for 3 months in London, being trained by some of the best planners and writers in the world (the others being here and here). File under Opportunity of a Lifetime.

unfortunately for me, I have to file it under ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime (If Luck Still Loves Me)’. W+K need their new kids to be on the block by the 10th April. i arrive on the 6th May. bugger.

but seeing as it’s such a gorgeous question, a fun task and a great chance to muse on some more philosophical ideas (as opposed to the sausages and council clean-ups governing my current focus), i thought i’d step up to the plate anyway. And if W+K read it and like it, well, fantastic!

Stay tuned for the next 3 installments of Can Anything Be Beautiful?

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