berlin breakfasts

i don’t think i’ve really posted about thoughts about berlin since i’ve been here. perhaps that’s because it’s taken a while to gather them. and still they are a bit wacky.

but one thing i do love about this place is the breakfasts.

and not just to actual food, but the nationwide committment to the partaking of frühstuck. in every cafe, even if the coffee tastes like suspension of sand, cork, dishwater and the faint whiff of coffee essence; the breakfast will be great.

i spent the first two months having breakfast from this viewpoint, at rooftop studios.



i finished up my residency there last week and kind of miss my little morning ritual looking over berlin, but thankfully the breakfasts in the new place have been just as amazing.

here at home
Alicia and Breakfast
that’s alicia – she came and stayed for a few days – living through a house move, an exhibition install, the ensuing come-down and a shit-hot peaches concert. as well as the typical grandma-style life i lead.
Saturday Breakfast

or at the cafe downstairs, sloerm. that’s pronounced ‘slurm’, for all you futurama fans.


they don’t have a set vegetarian breakfast, but i’ve been making one up and it’s pretty special. although they put sliced carrots in the müsli and i can’t quite work out what the deal is that. maybe it’s ‘cos they’re good for me.

regardless, berlin is still all about the awesome breakfast.

guten appetit!

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