art is for humans too

Palais de Tokyo [inside] - Paris (France)

on sunday night we went to the palais de tokyo. it’s a super cool contemporary art gallery with a super cool shop and librairie, bar and restaurant. it’s also open until midnight, has a cool photoautomat (one of those old school photo machines) and excellent architecture: palatial on the outside, industrial on the inside.

we got in for free because it was late and hardly any exhibitions on, but even if all the main shows were on, i would have only paid €1, ‘cos i’m an art student. i love a gallery that honours artists and students.

and being open until midnight, a fair few of the local homeless stay downstairs, sit and play cards in the warmth, use the toilets to brush their teeth. being open until midnight, it means that they only have to bare the brunt of the wind off elements for a few hours, until the next round of places opens at 6am (like mcdonalds and some of the stations nearby). and the beautiful architecture also allows them to have beds underneath huge awnings with the most amazing view of paris and the eiffel tower.

see, art saves lives.

image credit: meteorry from flickr.

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