without the banal, there can be nothing remarkable

welcome to this… situation – tino sehgal.
life is either a daring adventure, or nothing – helen keller.

last week was quite the remarkable week.
an amazing week of synchronous interactions that have filled me up. you know that feeling, when you’re open to whatever life brings.

and it does.

bring it.

give me something to listen to

a chunk of this was all about just being available and open to whatever people bring you. i had an amazing night and it was kind of the beginning of being open to new experiences.

arty farty friday

breakfast with raphael, coffee with stephen from fitzroy presses, lunch with eddy and birthday celebrations with a stack of arty farty types.

sometimes you just have those days where everyone you meet on the street is awesome and leads you to the next awesome person.

old mate saturday
after being nursed back to health by thomas at small block,  i walk into penny farthing in northcote and run into an old mate – michael. michael studied art, is a shit-hot musician and is studying anthropology! awesome. the last time i saw him was also a chance meeting in monmouth covent garden. it’s almost our MO.

then i’m walking down the street on phone call and i get the big reeni ‘hey lozza!!!’ (which only a few people get away with these days :). we end up catching up properly on saturday afternoon at mess hall, amongst the saturday wedding fracas.

falling in love sunday
i’m in northbridge, after hangin’ out at the fringe freebies comedy session and i’m heading towards the bird to check out a band. i’m actually stopped, texting on my phone when a dude in sparkly jacket, tripod/video camera and cat mask comes up to me and asks if i’m adventurous.

yes i am!

admittedly, i kind of have a clue as to what the hell was going on (the mask and the camera being a bit of a giveaway for gob squad), but i was still clueless to exactly what was going on.

this cat, erik, asked me if i was willing to fall in love. and that in that journey, would i be willing to kiss a rabbit. sure! why not! all of this is kind of happening on camera (i assume). but i had no idea that it was live. i got spun around northbridge, ended up dancing with other peeps in costume (a fabulous silver sequinned jumpsuit), a gorilla and a few peeps watching.

then, an oversized rabbit came running towards me, he took me in his arms and kissed me in slow motion. he picked me up in  his arms and we assumed the pose of a thousand movie kisses.

the he proclaimed his gratitude to me by sacrificing himself – well, taking his clothes off bit by bit. his mask, tie, sweaty shirt and pants.

then i was whisked off to the state theatre to watch a show that i had wanted to see (but it had sold out) and was now the star of!

it was quite exciting to see the context for what just happened, watching the story unfold (and being a bit behind the rest of the audience who had participated in the first part of the show).

and it was a little weird seeing myself on screen, but it was actually much better than it has ever been before. i obviously chose relatively flattering clothes :).

at the end, the cast whisked me onto stage with them and i got to do curtain call and clap and say hey to the peeps! it was quite amazing.

see? you get to fall in love if you’re open to what life brings.

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