whoa, mama.

on my last night in sydney, i went out to dinner with a lovely mix of ‘family’ – my mum and a bunch of other (mostly) women i call my family – friends of mine and mum’s who have been like extended family to me.

we ended up at wagamama on the wharf and i wanted to tell you all about it for a couple of reasons. firstly because it’s such a great place to eat, and i put it up there with the new style of companies with real principles.

secondly because their menu design reminded me of my blog! (self-absorbed? me? never!)

positive eating + positive living
being foodies, mum and i wanted to take the opportunity of being in sydney to go to billy kwong for dinner, but that meant having to leave behind those whose financial priorities didn’t center around food 🙂 so, trying to accomodate as many of us as possible, i decided that wagamama was the best choice and it turned out to be absolutely perfect! it was accessible for all of us in various ways: we had gluten free kids, vegetarian kids, kids watching their calory intake, those with big budgets, those with small budgets, kids in wheelchairs and all of us who love a pretty view.

wagamama’s principle is positive eating + positive living, and while some places may boast a similar idea, the experience is usually far from it. what could have been a real disappointment with our booking not being sorted (we asked for a window table so that jenny in the wheelchair could actually move around easily), ended up being handled excellently by the team leader.

once we got our fantastic table, it was all so easy – we had side dishes all round, all kinds of different mains with a real sense of sharing and discovery. all of us felt nourished and treated, without having to go posh.

the menu explicitly explained the the food comes out in the order as it’s cooked (as opposed to waiting for everyone’s to be ready before they serve), but that they encourage sharing and tasting, so that nobody goes hungry!

what a fucking awesome principle. not just in a restaurant, but life in general.

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