what lies beneath

lucas ihlein is a great artist, super nice man, excellent teacher and one of them go-getters you just want to be. well, i do anyway.

he’s part of this great tiny stadiums festival and has made a cool work about sound and sleeping and alarms, in conjunction with some of the media arts staff/students at UOW. in my old ‘hood: wollongong.

i’ve signed up to receive a customised alarm each day and will be doing a daily sleeping work at CIA during the festival.

partly as a fun way to interact with the festival from afar. and partly as a chance to do an extension of a work i did in berlin (kunsthaus quartier), where i slept for six hours through an alarm that played jim white’s song it’s a perfect day to chase tornadoes on repeat.

i know some of you love a bit of sound. and a bit of download fun. and cute things you get to keep every day. go and sign up for the daily track here. and go see some other stuff during the festival if you can.

UPDATE: I’ll just post a little report in the comments section each day. i’ll upload documentation to flickr and post a link in the comments too.

thanks for subscribing to she sees red by lauren brown. xx

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