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i figure everyone else is posting fabulously intellectual musings about the year at hand, setting the bar high and proving what fantastic thinkers and writers they are. oh ho hum.

i can’t be arsed trying to work out what is going to happen this year or to cultivate some kind of artwank trend advice, so i’m getting someone else to muse about my year instead. i’ve decided to start my 2008 bloglife by posting a whacky clip from my favourite astrologer freak instead.

he’s no charles stab, but here’s what rob brezny had to say about the upcoming year for me..

As I began my hike around the lake, I asked the spirits for a vision that would serve as a symbol of your life in 2008. “Give me a sign,” I said aloud, gazing to the heavens. Soon I came upon two rattlesnakes copulating on the path ahead of me. It was a beautiful ruckus. I stopped a few yards back to watch, reasoning that they were too preoccupied with each other to attack me. When they finally disengaged, I retreated. Just then I saw a very pregnant woman approaching me. She was walking alone with her head down, lost in thought. I called her attention to the snakes and convinced her that for the sake of our well-being, we should flee the scene. And that, Aquarius, was the sign I asked the spirits to send me about your life in 2008. What does it mean? That’s for you to meditate on. Here’s a hint: Appreciate and learn all you can from the beautiful ruckus you’ll encounter, but preferably from a safe distance. And be protective of other people who may be more vulnerable or less alert than you.


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