super-official: geek in residence.

aw man, i’ve been holding onto this info for what seems like an eternity!

but now it’s all official:

i’m one of the geeks in the australia council/arts digital era Geek-In-Residence program.

read the press release here.

what does this mean? well, i’ll be doing a fair amount of tech/system-based stuff with the super-awesome peeps at west space and some of their friends.

it also means that this blog will, from tomorrow for the next three months, feature a blow-by-blow account of the tech vs art battle. there may be some bad geek jokes. sorry.

and if it’s really not your thing, i understand. i’ll see you when i’m in berlin 🙂

so, here’s to good news.

thanks for subscribing to she sees red by lauren brown. xx

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