subjectivity is the new black

after a bit of discussion across the blogs over the last couple of days, i think it’s time i put my foot down and made my position clear, only to undermine myself at the next turn-off. a while back we (that is, Skanky Jane and I) discussed the question of objectivity vs subjectivity in blogs, especially after the forum at tina at which the art life spoke.

after some umming and ah-ing (or is that arring) here is the official she sees red on ‘to i or not to i’:

i’m sticking with the i.

it may be garishly unfashionable. it may expose my absolute lack of decorum, knowledge, talent or discipline. it may throw me back in with the rest of the subjective bloggers, whinging and whining about their boyfriend dumping them, instead of raising me to the level of ├╝ber critic. but dammit, she sees red is all about the anti-critic. there are centuries-worth of overly objective art writing and debate and plenty of libraries filled with the fantastic stuff and an amazon catalogue full of it. this blog has never been about the well-spelled, grammatically correct, culturally refined, meticulously accurate art criticism. and it’s bloody well going to stay that way.

as ampersand duck said, subjectivity is the new black (or red, as the case may be).

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