sliding into the new year


rather than some binary process of ‘now you see it’ and ‘now you don’t’, the germans talk of sliding into the new year. they wish each other ‘guten rutsch’ – a good ‘slide’, which is a much better way of talking about the still-magical time of new year.

thankfully last year wasn’t quite as crazy as the year before.  but it was pretty bloody racy – i think i moved my stuff about 10 times in the year, went to a stack of different countries, met with people i’d only ever known on the interwebs and introduced myself to more strangers than i have in my entire life.

i spent most of the year pushing myself to the limit.


this year is gonna be different again. it’s my year of dynamic consistency. i have no idea if that’s even a plausible phrase, but like a good slide, i’m aiming to get my life into a rhythm that hovers between leaving and arriving. where i can start to be in two places at once (melbourne and berlin), without that resembling chaos, crisis or some kind of breakdown. i am planning on being ‘home’ wherever i am, rather than homesick – which is the plight of any australian who has spent a chunk of time abroad. i have no idea of the logistics necessary, but i’ve a decent amount of determination and optimism. that’ll get me through, right?


this year i also have a bit project that i’m heading back to australia to work on, which is all about dynamic consistency – a regular structure that involves a changing roster of people and ideas. something that’s constant enough to feel reliable, but flexible enough to avoid ghastly stagnancy.

and, other than those two big things (and a desire to go to the desert), the rest of the year is open to a stack of surprise.

here’s to another new beginning and i hope you all had a great slide into this year.

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