rush gush

right now, i think i would LOVE to be geoffrey rush’s personal assistant. or daughter. or some other kind of close friend that has proud gushing rites. prompted by seeing this gorgeous nerdboyfriend pic (in a play adaption of a favourite book: diary of a madmen), my rush crush has just hit peak.

his depiction of lionel logue in the king’s speech has been fauned over elsewhere in the media, but i just have to remind you all, for those who have seen it, how brilliant he was.

he was brilliant. the end.

[there will be more on that movie later in the program of course, relating to sound in public, natch]

and of course him as barbosa in the pirates/caribbean trilogy and shine were both excellent. not to mention numerous other amazing films and theatre productions.

but it was a recent imdb iphone app entry that really endeared me to him. it spoke of his breakdown (i think in 1996) and giving up acting for a few years, distressed about his lack of success on stage and film. after 2000 he came back stronger, clearer and has since made all those fantastic films/plays that we know him for.

i was reminded that success isn’t always for the young and that even the greats have points of intense doubt and retreat. it also reminded me that true artistic greatness can never really be lost. mr rush picked himself off, dusted himself off and started all over again.

thank goodness for that.

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