public protection

has anyone else noticed that Brett Whitely‘s Matches outside Agnes Wales have had some ‘work’ done?

shit photo of the matches, protected by a blue tarpaulin, unprotected by copyright. taken by my crappy camera phone as a test for moblogging, which doesn’t work for me yet

here are my speculations for why the ‘used’ match looks the way it does:
1. it’s been wrapped by a very cheeky artist so that the match looks like a dick wrapped in painful ‘protection’ of sorts, to draw attention to safe sex.
2. it’s been wrapped by the sydney festival as a shithouse way to include the work in the festival as a way to appease visual artists who have been ripped off by a shit program this year.
3. it’s been wrapped by council types to avoid further damage from something or other, in the interest of ‘public safety’.
4. it’s been wrapped by a cheeky artist-type to draw attention to public art and the purpose it serves in our day-to-day living.

to protect and to serve

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