promises, promises

it’s been aaaaages since i’ve done some reviews for shows. but i’ve got a few up my sleeve. next wave stuff was ace: ash keating (talk of the town), objects in space (closing party on wednesday night), the homage to shit on sticks by chalkhorse, platform, the schmigloo esky and the little jewellery pieces and prints at alphaville.

but nurse ratchet tells me it’s presentation time at uni, so an extended remix of those reviews will have to wait until thursday. after i’ve been to the OIS closing party. and maybe even after i’ve been to the opening at counihan on thursday night.

and if you’re in london on thursday night, go to elms lesters painting rooms. delta‘s got a show on. and he very nicely invited me, even after i bagged the crap out of the gallery this time last year. lovely boy isn’t he?

ok, i’m out like the vapours (as aaaaaage always says).

thanks for subscribing to she sees red by lauren brown. xx

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