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As I mentioned previously, I’m going to be speaking at Interesting South next week. I’m doing some designy –type things-ish for the theatre set and I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to in the last couple of days.

Ben and the other cool kids from The Design Conspiracy were the Official Platinum Design sponsors for the original Interesting in London. Their brief from Russell included these points (as stolen from Ben’s blog – thanks Ben):

•It must be interesting. Obviously. But there is a fine line between interesting and downright messy.

•It must encompass the principles of web 2.0 (by that I mean updateable, participatory, flexible and interactive) whilst being offline quite a lot.

•It must utilise the attendees as collaborators.

•Assume zero budget.

•It must be able to dictate the look of the hall.

•It must be carbon neutral.

•It must be good.

So, in developing some ideas for Emily and the gang, I tried to play along to the same rules (and to play around with that lovely logo). And this is what’s been happening so far:

Lots of enlarging and some photocopying.
[I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly carbon neutral, but the paper is recycled and it’s better than getting vinyl lettering printed]

and then cutting out and up,

generally messing about with the logo. [It feels a little bit wrong somehow, like years of abiding by IP laws are just being frittered away… tee hee, welcome to real life 2.0.]

wondering what it would look like as an upholstery pattern

and of course, the obligatory cat-sitting-on-the-work shot.

it’s getting a bit exciting now. see you next week in sydney!

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