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today i caught up on some reading, ‘cos i’m procrastinating and i couldn’t help it. but i wanted to post about some of the ace things i’ve seen, which mostly happen to be from GOOD.

clapping your hands when you like a band – music and social media.

brilliant posters for the kent state folk festival. they sparked a few little thoughts looking forward to the time when social media and social interaction get really close. i think they’re getting closer, but it’s gonna be awesome when we really smush them up and really value both.

i also had a utopian idea the other day that the death of television should be welcomed and that it was only ever going to be a small invention on the way to the much bigger awesomeness of the interwebs anyway.

in fact, if i was in charge of cultural radness in australia, i’d get rid of all funding to TV content production, turn it into good production for DVD/online video/live experience and radio; chuck money back into films, gaming, online stories and books. i guess like the media equivalent of thanking a lover for a good time, but committing to a long-term relationship for the future.

but i digress.

tourism is the march of stupidity

i’m a bit of a traveller/tourist at the moment, so of course i couldn’t help but LOVE LOVE LOVE this post about tourism and literature by miles allinson. miles is a super-fucking talented writer and thinker and artist-type. readings is a melbourne institution that really supports literature, reading, thinking and artist-types.

BOMF wisdom to know the difference

and then there’s the fantastic and worthwhile and ‘oh i wish i thought of that’ Back on My Feet running program coming out of the East Coast in the US – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

it’s programs like this that remind me that humans are not stupid. we’re not heartless. and although life circumstances can freeze over our hearts and minds – at either end of the poverty scale – it is the simple, meaningful, heartfelt actions that really help us keep our shit together.

oh, and just one more thing from good – a great article about the history of the word OK.
i personally love the spelling ‘okeh’ and am going to use it from now on.
meh, teh and okeh.

image credits:
44th kent state folk festival posters by marcus agency from the GOOD blog
miles allinson/reading st. kilda from his confrontation with falling blog
eric fair image from the GOOD blog/lauren e. friedman [best name ever, BTW]

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