electrofringe day 2

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hi peeps!

well, i’ve been in newcastle, at TINA/Electrofringe since thursday morning and i promise that i would have posted something in depth about it if i could. not that there isn’t enough material – there’s plenty of that. but it’s the time. the time!

here’s a gllimpse of how full it’s been: what’s in my bag.

What's in my bag: electrofringe 09, day 2

i’ve just got back from an amazing performance of stockhausen’s kontakte andi have about 5 minutes to finish eating, before heading off to see suzanne grae and the katies perform. but i promise, really promise, that i’ll write up a post about the first couple of days when i get home.

and if you’re at TINA this weekend, don’t forget i have a presentation to give on saturday afternoon, 2pm at the round theatrette. pop in and say hi. at least on your way to the other 55 awesome things on 🙂

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