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The Candystripers at Trocadero Wallpaper 08

wallpaper 08 at trocadero closed today. tomorrow, we’re back there, with our rollers and acrylic paint (not enamel, despite what the lovely boy in the hardware store suggested) to reinstate our bits of the gallery walls back to unstriped-ness. it was a cool little project and it’s always a bit sad when it comes to the end of another exhibition.

we love the troc space and are loving their new flickr site. i know i’ll be keeping a keen eye on what’s happening there from now on.

‘but what of the candystripers next?’ i hear you asking? never fear lovelies, yesterday we received our clear, ernest and official paperwork for the next stage of the unnamed public art commission. while miss jones is as cool as a cucumber about the whole thing, it was my job to have a bit of a ‘eep!’ moment. thank goodness there are two of us!

and in unrelated candystripers news, we’ve decided that each week we’re going to have a candystripers meeting, in a different cafe/restaurant/back-alley boudoir each time. and in the interest of maintaining courtesy and good bedside manner, we’ll be posting about all the cool places we meet in! yay!

last week we went to the absolutely delightful, old school pizzeria osteria house, run by joe. the gnocchi arrabiata looked so good that we both ordered it, and shared a garlic pizza. it was all absolutely mouthwatering. in fact, we were so stuffed afterwards that we had to walk the length of rathdowne st, just to do up the top button again.

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