artist in residence, again.

out of one bed and into another, it seems. 

for the next two weeks i will be an artist-in-residence at the faculty of creative arts at the university of wollongong. two former perth amazing artist peeps have invited me to be here, lucas ihlein and sarah miller and i’ll be working on some early prototypes of my wearable tech project.
i’ll also take the opportunity to blog a little more regularly about it – because it’s much closer to my regular practice than the geek was. and, as you lovely readers might remember, i use this blog as a process place. a sandbox for concept, or, for those that way inclined, as my text-based github-esque code repository. with plenty of forks.
listening garments

i have been trying to kickstart a link between listening and fashion for a while, with not so much success. probably because i’m neither a fashion designer or a sound artist. so i’m smushing things together that i have no idea about. and maybe these things just take time.
some of  you may have been familiar with my garments for listening project and some of my loose sound/listening-based fashion works. 
well, the main aim of the game is to be able to create garments that, based on the pose either switch sound on/off, switch between sounds or actually play a score based on the on/off-ness of the sound (like a pianola and binary code).
over the next two weeks i’m going to be prototyping one of those garments using arduino and some very rudimentary patterning.
listening projects

i’ll also do a couple of these performances on the grounds whilst i’m here. especially as i’ve started reading a new listening/philosophy text which has not only reignited my focus on my act of listening, but has rekindled the place of heidegger in the act of listening (see? i wasn’t just making it up)
plus, i’ve been able to catch up with boni cairncross who is doing her honours here and is interested in performance art and documentation. she and i have already tittered over tino sehgal‘s work and perhaps it will be interesting to discuss documentation of my fairly dull-looking performances with her. i may even do some more test ustreaming. although web access in universities can be a leetle restrictive, so we’ll see.
i would have loved to shown you all loads of exciting things i did today, but sadly, it’s been a day of administration, meeting people, struggling with zero access to the interwebs and an all-out crash on my mbp. not v. productive.
but, here’s a pick of the wave shield that is balancing together, and some diagrams of the collar i’m working on.

arduino wave

collar diagram

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