Nick Waterlow RIP

i just assume that people are going to die of old age. especially people i don’t know personally, but who are in my peripheral vision. I’m always afraid that my close friends and family will die in horrific ways, but every one else i know – the guy who owns the video store, Karen who i buy my felt from and any director of every biennale – they all just die of old age.

i’m shocked and saddened – to use an overused expression – to hear about the murder of Nick Waterlow, Sydney-based curator and Director of Ivan Dougherty Gallery at COFA. I didn’t know him personally, but a couple of his exhibitions and essays have stood out in my memory – especially his views on art practice as research. And he was a feature, a mark, of the australian art scene. A constant, of sorts.

My thoughts go to his family. So sad.

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