things to not do in stockholm


miss your flight.

 because i had a ridiculously early flight back from skavsta airport which is about 80kms from stockholm, i stayed at the airport hotel. i had no mobile and no laptop and no alarm clock with me (for various reasons), so i asked to be woken up in the morning (4:30 for breakfast, thanks). i woke at the sound of my neighbour’s door opening, raced to the foyer with the big clock on the wall and saw that it was 6:30. gate closed, flight departing. next one not ’til the next day.

it was like something out of trains, plains and automobiles – although i surprised myself by not swearing so much. l made it back home, 14 hours and €150 later, having learned some vital lessons. phew.

get blown up.

this super-sad story about a car bomb in stockholm was a bit shocking. not least because of the fact that peeps were killed, that the apparent reasons for it seemed a bit stretched (sweden’s involvement in afghanistan is 500 troops. whilst still ‘involved’, that’s hardly a major player from what little i know of military deployment), and the fact that me and my friend phiroze were there just a week earlier!

but on a lighter note, we had a fab time. see these pics.


STK_Mixtape Projector_web

STK_Phiroze overlooking STK_web

STK_Drop Coffee Brew_web

STK_Snow Sunshine_web

STK_Moderna Text_web

STK_Judd Stack_web


STK_Bookshelf Porn_web

STK_Gingerbreak MBP_web

UPDATE:  my laptop has overdosed and is now in intensive care in a berlin service centre. who knows when i’ll be able to get back to regular drivel. merry christmas to all y’all!

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