hangin’ out crafty in the back alleys of melbourne

ariadne's tangled mess: craft vic

for those of you who are in melbourne; and for those of you who perhaps walk down flinders st, perhaps you’ve seen a little mess hanging off the edge of a building on spark lane. a little discarded knot of cable, or thread? some kind of undealt with complexity left to swing in a dark alley?

well, if you haven’t, my work is installed at craft victoria, as an extension of the work in craft cubed, so check it out if you have the chance.

also, there’s a closing party for the craft-based festival next week: september 4th.

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craft cubed and whitebox


if you had’ve told me 3 years ago that i would continue to create work that actively includes craft practices in spatial and media arts practice, i would probably have vomited on you. or at least told you that you had the wrong lauren brown.

but, it’s true. my short time spent at craft victoria influenced me profoundly and i find myself creating works that relate to fashion, thread, wearability, patterns, measurement and insertion.

craft victoria have reinvented their winter festival program from a single textile-based festival, to one that encompasses a range of craft/making practice and aims to remind everyone that there’s more to craft than bloody knitting scarves.

one of the interesting projects is called whitebox – a selection of video works that interact with the ideas, materials or gestures of craft practices. this year they also relate to the festival theme of childhood. and i’m privileged to have a video work in there: ariadne’s tangled mess.

it also includes some spanky works by some of my fave peeps: dell stewart, cory archangel and holly mcnaught.

the festival opens tonight at craft victoria and there are a stack of exhibitions, commissioned works, satellite events and online programs to participate in. check out the site for all the deets.

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bitchin’ stitchin’

this pic doesn’t really give you an idea of how awesome it is, but there’s an absolutely brilliant show at seventh gallery right now, by georgina cue. two massive three-dimensional tapestries that are interior dioramas/theatre sets.

there’s something a little bit agatha christie’s mousetrap/cluedo about them – all mysterious, dark and broody colours and set at an angle so as you walk in, you look into the depth of another room.


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dell stewart is another artist blogger type gal from melbourne. she makes such beautiful sweet works and has a total thing for woodgrain which is super cute. she has an exhibition at craft victoria at the moment, which you should all go and see. it’s a collaboration with andrea eckersley and they’ve combined their love of geometric shapes with a perfect blend of wonky.

wonky is my new favourite word at the moment, by the way.

andrea’s paintings and fashion pieces – with the right amount of stripe – floated my boat like high salt content and if i had cash, i would splash out on that shit for sure.

and dell’s campfire? aw man – will somebody please do the world a favour and add it to their major collection?

anyway, as you can probably tell, i loved the show. go and see it.

image credit: pinched from dell’s blog and her website dellstewart.com.

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fucking amazing.

i discovered this over at radical cross stitch and it’s unbelievable. it almost made me want to cry, that’s how awesome it is.

and here’s noelle mason’s site.

EDIT: for those who perhaps don’t know, it’s a cross stitch. that’s a form of tapestry. you know, needle pulling thread.

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question authority

i’m so stoked!

last night was the art fights fire raffle, organised by my awesome friend and fellow candystriper, curator at outre gallery, gemma jones.

i was lusting after that there radical cross stitch question authority when it was drawn. and while my name wasn’t drawn out of the barrell of 1300 tickets, my friend di’s was. and she gave it to me! eep! [she was excited about the frankie subscription and the cookbook. yay!]

and, as well as that total coup, the cupcakes i made disappeared quickly and the event raised at least $12,000 towards the red cross bushfire appeal. what an awesome night 😀

and, i have to say, i’m pretty proud of us arty types. i saw a sign from connex saying that they were proud of the $47,000 they had raised towards helping out with the bushfire appeal… pfft!

see, art saves lives, i tell you.

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