love game

game controller soaps!!


if i was here for christmas, i would be sprinting to third drawer down (where these pics are from) and half my friends would be receiving them as presents.

in the mean time i’ll be hoping they release playstation and old school nintendo ones too.

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you rock!!

this blog isn’t really one of those ‘here’s a cool viral/fashion/trend/design link’ kinds of blogs. but sometimes you gotta break tradition.

this guitar hero viral from the awesome kids at Droga 5 simply fucking rocks. no, really, it’s the fucking awesomest thing on the interweb i’ve seen in ages. brilliant. makes me wanna play it right now.*

via stan.

*for the record, guitar hero, tetris, tekken and bobble puzzle are the only computer games in which i rock.

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technology and magic

Poke is a brilliant agency in london. Iain Tait is a digital mastermind who works for them. He also has a super blog, crackunit. He recently gave a talk at the Under The Influence discussions-slash-pub crawl a few weeks ago and talked about the relationship between technology and magic. It’s brilliant and I’m interested in how it relates to some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about for abracadaver. Thanks Iain. And Charles (pinched from charles frith’s blog: punk planning. i’m sure he doesn’t mind.)

My Talk At Under the Influence from iaintait on Vimeo.

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“One of the fastest-growing gaming markets are senior citizens. In 1999, only 9% of people over 50 played video games, in contrast to 24% in 2007.”

image pinched from the kaiser edition, via Activision’s COD4

I read this in a post today and it got me asking some questions:

Firstly, since when are over 50s ‘senior citizens’?

Secondly, are these stats really surprising? Video games have now been a major element of pop culture since the early 80s. Hell, I used to go down to the fish’n’chip shop to buy my dad’s cigarettes (with a note of course), and with the change i was allowed to buy myself a Chock Wedge and a game on the sit-down Space Invaders, but it would always be taken up by the older boys. Those older boys would be at least 45 by now, so it’s hardly a stretch to think that there’d be a whole bunch of over 50-55 year olds who would play video games. Hell, Steve Buscemi, Nick Cave, Nick Hornby, Dan Castellenata (aka Homer Simpson), Daniel Day Lewis, Dawn French and Stephen Fry are all 50-51 and I could certainly imagine at least 2 of those hip’n’groovy cultural coolsters playing video games. Steve Jobs is supposedly a ‘senior citizen’ – surely he’s a gamer from way back!

Plus, considering that this age bracket is also from the height of the baby boom, there are probably 24% more ‘senior citizens’ doing everything at the moment, just because there are 24% more of them!

I find it amazing that statistics like these continue to be used for market and cultural ‘sensations’. Like there’s a marketing glut in this new-found demographic. In fact, I find it quite weird that we continue to be shocked by the influence of pop culture at all. Surely that’s the essence of it – that everyone is into it?

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