while my back was turned

Orr St Smashed Phone2

i go away for 2 weeks and the place is a bloody mess!

so it seems that tony abbott is the leader of the opposition now, with a spike in his heart popularity over the weekend. and what was an argument over the details of an ETS has become a gaping hole in our political landscape dug by a bunch of weak-willed fucktards. and now all i read in the papers and overhear in the post office queues are the opinions of the obnoxious, self-serving minions worried about their money again. oh lord.

i’m particularly racist at the moment – i have a deep loathing for australians right now. we’ve become a nation of selfish, corpulant, racist, spineless toads who have never needed conviction in our lives. for all our wanking on about mateship and integrity and ‘calling a spade a spade’, when it comes to the crunch we’d prefer to call it a shovel so long as it’s cheaper and doesn’t make us uncomfortable. even if someone is shoving it up our arses.

i have to say, it’s been rather nice to leave the vitriol about politics behind over the last couple of years. sure, i’ve had cause to tut and express my displeasure, but whilst studying i haven’t burst a blood vessel about the neo-cons and their ratsnest of a moral code. now, it seems that’s not the case.

i’m scared we’re about to slide back into the political, moral and environmental purgatory. perhaps it’s where we belong.

in fact, new zealand and germany are looking at great places for me to live right now: they’re seemingly open minded, their artists are fantastic, their music scenes are amazing, that have taste AND actual political systems (as opposed to a revolving door of same-old-same-old) – hell, even their right-wing violent extremists are looking more fascinating than the milksop conservatives we have here.

now, before i die of an aneurysm, let me look back at those pics from the holiday…

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