Gallery wrap-up: Judy Chicago and Situations

This week’s art theme is pretty much all about vaginas. It’s odd what trends arise in a city like LondonJudy Chicago is showing at Riflemaker, featuring her early works. Given her particular place in feminist art history, the show was slightly disappointing. The works on  car hoods – specifically the diagrams for them were interesting, but not much of the other works. It coincided with a packed-out session at Whitechapel Gallery, focusing on Judy Chicago’s career, her focus for art as activism and the longevity of her Dinner Party work.

Sarah lucas project space, situation at Sadie Coles gallery featured impressive floor-to-ceiling meat genetalia wallpaper in your face as you walked in the door, including the image of two massive decorated vulva. It was quite spectacular.

The Situation series, run over a month-long period was a courageous show, allowing for a rotating exhibition of works, installations, experimentation and development – works in the ‘kitchen’, on a sink, sitting on tables, hanging from the ceiling and projected onto the wall. It was the welcome antithesis of the ultra-sanitised work of the decidedly boring Richard Prince show downstairs.

Collectors also respond well to works in a space like that. Not every work has to be shrouded in whiteness in order to give it the right space to be.

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