this one’s for the media buyers…

i know that this is probably old news now, but tonight i found about about the Seven Network’s dumping of the fully-paid GetUp ad for Tibet, intended to have aired during the Opening Ceremony telecast.

Jesus! This throws up so many icky questions about freedom, the role of the media, advertising and the currency of money, as opposed to morals, etc. I know that Seven aren’t exactly pillars of moral/ethical standing – hell, they let Naomi Robson work there for far to long, but, given that money seems to be the new democracy, surely a string of paid ads is enough to get a guernsey. Obviously not.

I don’t always believe in ‘no such things as bad publicity’, but i’m quite enjoying the fact that the farse of the Seven booking system/content team/censorship board (whatever they call themselves these days) seems to have thrown the issue open wider than it could ever have, should the ad have run. Well done Seven. Stokesy, I hope you’re happy with that one.

(image from the GetUp! site. which you should visit and find out more about the whole campaign)

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