the mercury can suck it..

after an article featuring everyone else in the show except me, i had a bit of a tantrum about the illawarra mercury and whether my artwork was ever going to be acknowledged by the paper.

well, this week, the mercury can suck it. i’ve been accepted to have a show at the renowned artist-run space allan’s walk in bendigo!! with my good buddy linda mcrae (otherwise known as loopy or goo)!! yay! we rock and no amount of lack-of-local-exposure is going to deny me this happy dance… *it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday*

this show won’t be until next year, when i get back from overseas, but it will be a great start to the year and a real celebration of good stuff for both of us! what a way to celebrate moving back across the border. and you will be hearing about it, that’s for sure.

when i found out, i called my mum to tell her the news. and i realise that this makes me an absolute dork, but did get me thinking about success. do we just start to take these things for granted? or no matter how much success i manage to garner, will i always call my mum in excitement? did daniel von sturmer ring his mum when he got selected for venice? does tracey moffat still call her mum when she gets selected for the armory? and what about outside the arts.. do you planner types call your parents when you score a pitch? does brett lee call home when he gets selected for the world cup? or is it so expected, so passe that it’s not worth a mention, except for the very uncool and supremely geeky classes of the world?

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