blatant self-promotion #241


tomorrow night (wed. 3 november), i’m in a group show in berlin, within the studio i’ve been at for the last 2 months.

if you’re in berlin (or you can send a proxy), come along, it will be ace to see you.

i only have a couple of works in the show, but i realised during the selection process that i’ve made a STACK of work about sound and specifically listening in public, even in the last 6 weeks. maybe i should find a space for a more comprehensive show.

anyways, here are the deets:

Wednesday 3 November
19:00 – 23:00
one night only

Rooftop Studios

5th Floor
Chodowieckistraße 35
10405 Berlin

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hello melbourne!!

it seems that every commercial gallery in melbourne is opening their doors tonight after the summer hiatus. there are a stack of openings on and i can guarantee that the inner city will be a masse of clammy hipsters (and me) in the humidity doing the rounds of galleries and getting their artfix on again.

here are the top 4 that i can reasonably attempt to get to this evening:

sarah scout presents: bryan spier

neon parc: canadian pharmacy group show

the narrows: renee cosgrave and merryn lloyd (one i’m particularly lookin’ forward to seeing)

anna pappas gallery: in order out group show (which i’m also super-keen to see).

other shows i’m going to have to see after-the-fact include the risographica print show at lamington drive, and secret files from the working men’s college at RMIT’s project space. d’oh!

all images from the respective gallery websites.

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the cone of silence: first site.

Cone Of Silence First Site

as you all know, this year has been a crazy busy year for me. i think the official twitter hashtag for my 2009 is #norestforthewicked.

so, in 2 weeks’ time i have an installation/intervention/something-or-other at First Site gallery in Swanston St, Melbourne. It’s one of the RMIT galleries, underneath Storey Hall.

it’s a space that is part of my research into headphones and acoustic privacy; a site-specific work that recreates the actions we take when we put our headphones on – we create a little niche for ourselves to be unheard. a choice over our sonic environment.

cone of silence_FS_sketchWeb

inspired, of course, by maxwell smart and the cone of silence from the get smart tv series*, it is a crawl space that has been set into the stairway to heaven at the back of the gallery (for those who know the space).

opening on tuesday 15th september at 5:30pm, the exhibition runs until the 26th, in conjunction with the sculpture exhibition: scale of mark.

*of course there are more serious influences like bachelard, adorno, debord and bull, but there’ll be an essay available at the gallery for all you freaks who are interested in cultural theory/aesthetics – this blog is for the lowest common denominator, don’t you know.

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not now, i’m talking*

iNNIT invite

David Kemmery is an amazing resident of Wollongong – the Director for Short Sited Film Festival for an amazingly long time, fantastic film maker, hard-working member of the Relativity team, great photographer, good friend and the lovely partner of a friend of mine.

He also asked me to participate in his ongoing project, Not Now I’m Talking, which is now part of an exhibition [clap and we’ll tell you everything] on at Project at the moment.

The Not Now, I’m Talking project is centered around the idea of places, spaces and how they are significant to people. It features snapshots and text by 15 selected artists about their “significant places”. The artists are from a radiating distance, relative to David’s place: Wollongong, to the Illawarra, Sydney, Melbourne and then international and the significant “places” that are featured are physical, conceptual, cryptic, direct and diverse. And the only link between the contributors is that they know the curator, David Kemmery, which in turn says some interesting things about connections between people and places, memory and experience, and begs the question ‘what is distance?’.

Go and check it out if you’re in the area – sounds like a cracking show:

clap and we’ll tell you everything
Project Contemporary Artspace
255 Keira Street, Wollongong
Wednesday 27 August – Sunday 7 September 2008
Opening night: Friday 29 August 2008, 6:30pm

*my really daggy title abbreviation: [i]NNIT!

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no pens or pencils allowed

Interesting Sketchbook P5

i know the ngv went through this a while ago. i know they’ve got some good reasons for it (mostly financial, really), but can i just say that i’m fucked off that i won’t be able to take a pen or pencil in to sketch their winter masterpieces Art Deco show next week? i’m a student and will be taking advantage of their extra discount, but what’s the point in encouraging students to see the show, if you can’t actually learn from the show in a way that is helpful: ie, writing about and sketching about the show? ok, so as i write that, i can see that there are other ways to learn from the show, but as an artist and a student of art, architecture, design, craft, etc. [ie, all the good stuff of the art deco era], i get the most out of an artwork when i can stand in front of it and draw it. i process it on a very deep level and can learn by imitation from master artists and craftsman.

if a public institution is serious about having educational quality, surely allowing people to learn on this level is important? or am i just being selfish?

UPDATE: this says it all, really

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proxy required: me in NYC.

Can any of my NYC peeps please be me for a day and go to see this exhibition for me?

Lots of Things Like This
organized by Dave Eggers

April 2 – May 10, 2008

With works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonard Cohen, David Berman, Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Georges Braque, Jeffrey Brown, R. Crumb, Henry Darger, Marcel Duchamp, CM Evans, Shephard Fairey, David Godbold, Alasdair Gray, Philip Guston, Paul Hornschemeier, Jay Howell, Chris Johanson, Maira Kalman, Kenneth Koch, David Mamet, Quenton Miller, Tucker Nichols, Alice Notley, Ron Padgett, Raymond Pettibon, Dan Perjovschi, Amy Jean Porter, Steve Powers, Royal Art Lodge, Peter Saul, George Schneeman, Olga Scholten, David Shrigley, Shel Silverstein, Nedko Solakov, Ralph Steadman, William Steig, Saul Steinberg, and Kurt Vonnegut.

And if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 10 years and you don’t know who Dave Eggers is, please read A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius. It is.

EDIT: For a great story about the top work Dave Eggers is doing, and a link to his tip-top TED talk, check out this post over at We Made This

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