Sol long, farewell

OK, so that pun is straight out of the ad-pit‘s book of goofy puns, but i’m sick, so don’t hassle me.

I found out by reading sublime-ation that Sol Le Witt died! Shit! I’m not really a minimalist, or a non-objective artist, but when i saw his work at the MCA years ago, it broke the frame for me. no longer was i bound to a ‘format’ or ‘frame’, i could paint shit on the walls, and then clean it up afterwards! i could make bold statements quietly and people would listen, without having to slather goop all over the place. not that i have that level of grace, subtlety or precision in my work, but by seeing Sol Le Witt’s work, all these things were suddenlty afforded me.

I know that Le Witt has influenced a tonne of great artists and it’s weird when an iconic artist, or even someone that you look up to, dies. Suddenly the pool of talent gets a little shallower and the distance to the end of the line gets a little shorter.

May the guy rest in peace.

UPDATE:: And then i read on stan’s blog that Kurt Vonnegut has died too!! he started off in PR, realised that it was rubbish and decided to write fantastic and whacky novels instead. May that guy rest in a crazy three piece suit.

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