shows she didn’t see in melbourne

Apart from that quick foray into the halls of the NGV, I got to see hardly any shows while i was in melbourne! So instead of having a private whinge about it, I thought i would celebrate it. In the spirit of anti-criticism (which i secretly think is what she sees red is really about), here’s my list of shows..

Howard Arkley at NGV

Howard Arkley is actually a really intriguing artist to me. I’m not into decorative arts much, but i dig his stuff. I’m not really into the glorification of suburbia, but his painting of the ‘burbs rock my socks. His early minimalism, i’ve been told, i will love.

So why didn’t I go? Cost too much, the NGV are being stubborn about giving discounts to NAVA members and i ran out of time.


Both times I went to see shows in Melbourne, I’ve been to ACCA. They also have catalogues of those last two shows that i wanted to buy and a kick-arse installation by Mike Nelson I would have loved to see.

So why didn’t I go? South Melbourne wasn’t within walking distance and i ran out of time and money.

Eyes, Lies and Illusions at ACMI

I’ve already seen this, but wanted to dedicate some serious poring time so that i could totally lose myself in the wonderful displays and artworks.

So why didn’t I go? Time, money. Did i mention that i ran out of time and money? Hmm.. i’m seeing a theme here.

Tezuka: Marvel of Manga at NGV
Ho hum. I kinda like manga, but not enough to pay cash for.

ARIs or commercial gallery shows
Well, they’re all shut aren’t they!!

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