NYC proxy required: scale of intervention

fuck i hate being so far away sometimes. there’s an amazing panel discussion that wooster are chairing in about 8 hours’ time featuring Cut-Up from London, Leon Reid IV (of Darius + Downey) from New York, Betsey Biggs from New York, and Roadsworth from Canada. It’s at the new museum in on the bowery in NYC and, according to the blurb on their site, it’s:

“Co-organized by Conflux, an annual festival dedicated to pyschogeography, and moderated by the founders of the celebrated street-art Web site Wooster Collective, this panel will look at possibilities for artistic disruption within urban environments. Taking its name from a film by the London-based Cutup Collective, which plays with the viewer’s perception of a street scene, the panel will feature artists whose work ranges across a variety of mediums and materials. From reformulation of billboard advertisements into powerful, politically oriented collages to the subversive reformulation of street signs, such as pedestrian crossings and bike lanes, the featured artists will demonstrate how they dislodge the customary navigation and perception of urban space.”

fuck it. it looks so great and i can’t make it. but if there’s someone in NYC who is going, could you also go for me? thanks a brazillian.

here’s hoping there’s a pod/vodcast of the event afterwards.

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