must-NY-see, part II.


i posted one of these for my friend john a while back for his trip from london to new york. well, now my dear friend age is heading over to brooklyn, taking the tankard for a bit of a holiday and i’ve promised him a list of things to do. i know that he won’t get to anything, but what kind of friend would i be, if i didn’t provide this kind of support, hey?

age, have a ball. and if you don’t come back, i promise to send you most of your shoes and your xbox.

the highline “urban park” on the old rail line
11 spring st. i know it’s not a mecca for street-style art anymore, but if you’re in the area, spill a drink on the gutter.
scott reeder @ daniel reich gallery
deitch projects
cheim&read gallery
buy some crack from an artist (in a side note: how the hell does that guy get two different-coloured arms!?!)
storefront for art and architecture, designed by vito acconci and steven holl

UPDATE: oh, and you should catch up with tait.

image credit: regine from we-make-money-not-art

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