mentor and muse

Where do you want to go today?

ok, to start off, here’s a bad art joke i saw on eddy’s blog:

Q: what do art lovers eat for breakfast?
A: muse-li.


but seriously, it reminded me about some thoughts that have been brewing about inspiration and guidance as an artist.

creatively, i have more ideas than i know what to do with. the muse is never far from my side and even if i found myself in some kind of equivalent to writers’ block, i would probably just do something else – write, or make music, or sew, or take anti-depressants. or something.

but what i am kind of struggling with at the moment is exactly what to do with all of my stuff. where do i go? how do i develop and manifest the kind of art career i aspire to?

i have influences at varying levels of artistic/professional “success” whom i look to for aspiration (for want of a much less-maligned word), but i can’t exactly ring up, say, rachel whiteread and say

“hey, after you had your grad show and charles bought your work, then what did you do? how did you go from step A to step B”.

i think i assumed that doing a masters degree would be an opportunity to develop that kind of mentor/protegee-type relationship.. wrongly so, it seems. maybe that’s just my course. in fact i get more insight and guidance from the likes of mayhem and lucazoid on their blogs.

and while i’m not shy about asking people for advice on specific projects (and have!), there’s something quite..eek!..about approaching someone to be a mentor. and then having them there specifically as a guide and point of reference for your whole practice – not just snippets and bits and pieces. and, like teachers, are good mentors also good artists (and obviously vice versa)? or is it better to have good, honest friends instead?

hell, maybe i’m completely out of touch and mentoring has been replaced by and i should get with the program 🙂

image credit: seb oehme

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