memetic dancing*

ok, so i know i recently did a meme thing. and in it i tagged age. well, instead of doing that meme, he flipped it, made his own thing up and tagged me back. crafty little bastard 🙂

so, the aim is to track your year, based on what you’ve been listening to – or at least what new stuff you’ve added to your itunes in the last 12 months:

New Smart Playlist
Match the following rule
Date Added
Is After
Limit to 30
Selected by most played often
Live Updating

funnily enough, i didn’t actually add a whole bunch of new music this year. this year, my music was quite frugal, mostly nostalgic, full of mix-tape goodness and love. a bit of an insight into the kinds of comfort i sought this year.

also interesting to note (well, interesting to me) that my music taste was largely rated on what sounds good while riding a bike. i listen to a lot of music while riding, even though i usually only get to hear about 5 songs in a trip. i discovered the joy of ipod’s on-the-go playlists in the last month and that, kids, is where your insight is..

anyway, below is a snapshote of how my year looked, itunes-wise. note the top song. heh.

[click to enlarge]

and to add to the mix, here’s my blip playlist.

sending it back the other way, i’d love to see the lists of:
miss jones – ‘cos that girl is a fiend when it comes to fine taste
stan j – his midday tweets are already on fire, and
marcus – the blip cast he did during the year was amazing and anyway, he just rocks.

* title pinched from paul colman’s made-up plannery phrase thing from life in the middle.

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