matilda mouse, max and monsters

this week has been filled with lots of cool stuff that reminds me about being a kid – swimming in the pool after dark, cycling in the sun, my mum’s birthday, kids books and kids-books-as-movies.

tonight i found out about the seriously-long-awaited release of matilda mouse by simon griffin. simon is the brilliant copywriter from love, all round top bloke and fabulous childrens’ story writer and i was lucky enough to get an audio book version of his book when i was in manchester in january. it’s such a beautiful story and add to that a series of amazing illustrations, snazzy double gatefold in the middle and the smell of ink, and you have a very awesome childrens’ book about a little mouse with hiccups.


i know that everyone in the universe has posted the trailer, but i couldn’t resist.

where the wild things are is finally seeing the light of day.

a dear friend worked on the production, so i feel like i kind of know it a little more than i ordinarily would about a film. which means i’m super excited.

i’m usually a purist about books and their film adaptations. [i’ve only ever like one adaptation and that was, believe it or not, hitch hikers guide to the galaxy – mostly because of the cast.]

but this is one i’m going to break my rule and watch. how can you put spike jonze, dave eggers and that beautiful production design in a room and it not be at least worth $15. i have to wait ’til october, but that’s probably for the best, because i’m kinda busy until then anyway. heh.

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