looking for new stuff

with all this business of big life changes, it’s getting to that time when i take stock, assess and ponder. and go through my browser bookmarks and kill off the old, stale blog link and begin searching for new juicy bits and pieces to check out instead.you’d think i had enough shit to read with all the blogs n stuff i read anyway, but i’m thinking of it as a process of ‘refining’ and ‘redeveloping’.

or maybe i’m just bored and have too much time on my hands.

nonetheless, some i’ve seen so far that have tickled my fancy include:

bubble wrap: trust me, it’s awesome and soooo addictive
hot cross haiku: for when you really need to get a haiku out of your system
the superest: the coolest game thang (thanks to angus) and the site that they hopped it from, TinkerX
postsecret: i know it’s not new, but i’m just getting into it again, especially with the one about the secret sperm deal between celebrity and the rich woman.
blackbeltjones: for some reason, it took me a really long time to find matt’s blog – even though i loved his presentation at Interesting.

and i’m [stupidly] still looking for more blogs to read. ones about books, art, crafty/making stuff, design, architecture, rekkids and writing – if anyone knows of any that they can’t believe i haven’t seen yet, feel free to rave about it in the comments section. i know that i should probably use delicious tags to do this, but i’m going be a luddyte and use the old school ‘word of mouth’ method first. ah well.

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