leigh bowery

my friend and performance artist (in a printer’s body) marcus brown, mentioned leigh bowery a while ago and it has taken a while to sink in.

today i happened upon a book of his fashion shoots with fergus greer and i have been instantly obsessed.

i’m craving a bit of OTT identity/gender-bending mischief in the fashion/performance style of things at the moment. there’s a whole lot of stuff that just feels kinda vanilla. maybe i’m just jaded and restless. maybe i’m too gen x slacker for my own good.

as fabulous as her costumes are, lady gaga just doesn’t really cut it for me – she’s still doin’ the ditsy diva with the pretty clothes business; american apparel and vice mag for the kids tried to pretend they were pushing boundaries but really, they were just perpetuating the same old skinny lolita pervert bullshit for the white middle class douchebags of the future. our own schapylle scragg is a breath of fresh air, but she doesn’t get as much playtime as she used to (ahem. mayhem).

anyway, enough of my ranty business, i’m gonna go back and buy the book i spent an hour poring over and i’m looking forward to reading more about the sunshine kid, watching the legend of leigh bowery and making up for my terrible ignorance to date.

images: leigh bowery from from the inside out and fergusgreer.com

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