interesting south: help needed

“may you live in interesting times”, as the english bastardisation of the chinese proverb goes.

next weekend i’m off to sydney to help decorate the Belvoir St Theatre for Interesting South 2008. There are some fabulous speakers, it’s always a great night and i’m looking forward to tarting the place up.

remember last year, we all hung out in the loungeroom? With cups of tea? Well, this year, we’re chillin’ outdoors and I need some help from people in Sydney who are coming to the conference: If you have a garden gnome, pot plants (the bigger the better), a hose/watering can or deck chairs that you are willing to lend us for the night, could you bring them along?

Let me know in the comments section if you’re able to help out.

At any rate, I’ll see you there.

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