“in da studio is da place to be”

-beastie boys.


I’ve been working pretty solidly in the studio lately. these aren’t the absolute latest pics, but they’re a good place to start.
It has been so good to have a place to do ‘stuff’. i have stuff on the walls, i have been able to separate the three aspects of my projects into three separate walls (that’s my compartmentalised urban mode of existence, rob and john): toilets, stripes and paste-ups.

it’s a bit dangerous having a studio ‘cos i get stuck in what i call the Rage syndrome.. “i’ll just watch one more film clip” or “i’ll just cut one more bit of claridges”, but i also do work there, leave it behind and go home to sleep. i’m not always in my room doing work of some kind.

expect some more ‘in the studio’ updates from now on – i’m feeling self-indulgent 🙂

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