i’m a vegetarian, read like a librarian. catch me rollin’ wit my rastafarians..

summer is being good to me.

i’m spending more time eating yummy, fresh food.

Pasta and Salad

reading a fair bit.

here’s what’s on the pile of books read from the last couple of weeks.
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recent reads jan

and here’s some recent additions to the library (apologies for the shakey-shakey)
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library additions

and time to get out for a bit.

queensliff pierhouse

we went for a bit of a road trip yesterday – well, just to queenscliff. i’d never been and it was an opportunity to catch a show of australian aboriginal artists at salt and say heya to the rasta-gal curator from your dreamss, sublime-ation.

there were beautiful views, a thomas the tank party for the kids, with baby animals.

queenscliff beach



and a chance to drive for a while and relaxo with the ladeez and the irish house mate.

thanks for subscribing to she sees red by lauren brown. xx

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